Hougang by-election : stop the feet-dragging

So it’s now official.

Parliament has announced that the Hougang seat is now vacant but there is no word about a by-election.

The PAP government often brags that our Parliament is a First World Parliament. Then it should do the right thing and hold a by-election in Hougang without delay.

The regime also brags about building an inclusive society. If people have no voice in Parliament, how can they be part of an inclusive society?

The PAP government should do the right thing and stop playing politics.

The Prime Minister has deeply disappointed the people of Singapore, particularly those in Hougang with his absurd claims that his government has more pressing matters to attend to.

But people are not fooled. I’ve spoken to some people and their reaction is that a by-election should be held ASAP.

With surging opposition against the regime, the PAP government is fully aware that the ground is not sweet.

Another loss at the polls is bearable but if the opposition wins with an
even bigger majority, it is a clear indictment of the regime.

The PM, after a major embarrassment at the polls nearly a year ago, ate humble pie and promised to serve.

The people of Hougang need to be served too. That much is acknowledged even by neutral observers.

If the regime continues to drag its feet, it’d then be a confirmation that it’s merely a lip service government.

Worse, the moral high ground which it claims will suffer further erosion.

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