New policing model: cops on bikes

I applaud the new community policing model: bicycle and foot patrols.

For years people have noticed the absence of the police in the community which has created opportunities for crime.

With more and more foreigners in the community, people have become anxious over their personal safety and that of their families.

When I was in Japan I noticed cops on bikes, even at night. Police posts are located all over the city, including public parks.

I was impressed with their professionalism ( not merely going through the motions ).

Cyclists know the nooks and corners of their community better than anyone else so having cops on
bikes will achieve the same thing.

I hope the cops will be recruited from
Singaporeans and not foreigners who lack an understanding of our cultural traits.

If there’s a problem in recruitment, the authorities can tap the large pool of retirees. The latter can serve as support staff, leaving the more arduous duties to younger officers.

This is one way the government can create job opportunities for Singaporeans.

Hopefully, this new model of community policing can be expedited. HDB void decks can serve as temporary police posts in the meantime.

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