Chen Show Mao on social spending: PAP MP astonishing outburst

I have always held the view that the ruling party is not fully aware of the real concerns of the man in the street.

Ministers and their MPs are mostly cocooned in their ivory towers. If they do deign to mingle with the masses, they move around behind a wall of security people or so-called grassroots leaders who are ever ready to chorus “Yes, Minister”.

So when a newbie PAP MP likened Chen Show Mao’s plea for greater social spending to a Nigerian scam, it only served to confirm my views that the ruling party is out of touch.

I receive Nigerian e-mail scams almost daily. Such scams are confidence tricks and may be linked to organised crime.

That’s why uproar and anger has erupted over the MP’s astonishing accusation.

All the more so when Chen Show Mao’s plea was eloquent, reasonable and sensible.

Unlike the PAP MP who was clearly playing to the gallery.

At the Swearing – In Ceremony last year PM Lee said, “We will listen carefully to different voices, understand the day-to-day difficulties and strains facing Singaporeans, address their concerns and be open to inputs on what Government can do better.”


Elderly man busking to make ends meet

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