NDP Chief Nelson Yau’s resignation: why official silence?

The unprecedented resignation of the man in charge of this year’s National Day Parade, Colonel Nelson Yau, has generated a surge of speculation, rumours and conspiracy theories.

Since the news broke on Sunday, it has gone viral on the Internet.

However, it is disappointing that Prime Minister Lee or Defence Minister Dr Ng has yet to issue an official statement.

Col Yau’s resignation is unprecedented as it occurred in the midst of the NDP preparations.

This is unheard of.

And coming so soon on the heels of two high-profile cases involving CPIB probe of the SCDF and CNB chiefs, no one is surprised at the tsunami of speculation.

What is disappointing is the lack of leadership by the PM.

His continued silence only serves to generate even more frenzied speculation.

PM Lee should do the right thing.

Or has he more pressing matters on the national agenda to deal with?

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