Customer satisfaction: DBS, private schools top but MRT disappoints

According to a survey, DBS and the private schools rank high on the list for customer satisfaction. Well, congratulations to them.

I wonder who occupy the cellar.

From personal experience, it could be the telcos, budget airlines and the MRT.

A friend just called me a while ago expressing outrage over Tiger Airlines’ cancellation of his flight from Manila without informing him.

He said, “They have my phone number so why didn’t they inform me. I had to make a wasted trip to the airport.”

My friend had to spend the night in Manila, and returned only today.

Everybody knows Tiger Airways has a notorious reputation for delays and flight cancellations.

In my book, the MRT should also rank low in terms of customer satisfaction.Their customer service is largely indifferent and borders on rudeness sometimes.

Whenever I top up my Translink card, MRT staff don’t even make eye contact with me as if they are some kind of robot.

There is no “please” and “thank you” but “Put there”, “How much”. And whenever I say “Thank you”, it’s met with silence and a blank expression as though I am bothering them.

There were even occasions when they would be busy at the computer, and would keep me waiting. There’s no “Sorry to keep you waiting” and then the transaction would be completed in total silence.

In Hong Kong and Japan, the mass rapid transport staff were alert, made eye contact (ours are very shy) with me, were apologetic if they were a bit tardy, courteous and best of all had the gift of speech unlike our tongue-tied MRT staff.

Maybe MRT slogan is “Silence is golden”.

In future, I’ll also adopt the same attitude. Pointless wasting my breath. I’ll be in MUTE mode as well.

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