New Causeway toll: how to kill JB

I have asked more friends if they’d go to JB once the new toll, reportedly 5 times more, was implemented.

Every single one of them fumed, “No, what’s the point? Unfair to make us pay if we don’t use the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL)”.

These are all JB regulars who make regular trips for R and R. They stressed that it would not be worthwhile anymore.

Things in JB are no longer that cheap these days. Sometimes prices of certain goods in Singapore are cheaper than JB.

To compound the misery of motorists, the Land Transport Authority of Singapore, ever vigilant for opportunities to squeeze some more money out of us, has declared that it’d match the Malaysian side!

A double whammy!

And coupled with the perennial traffic congestion at the checkpoints and the bad reputation of JB for crime, one must have his head examined if you still persist in going to JB.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said, “Those who do not use the EDL should not be required to pay toll.”

I hope so.

As it is JB is already gasping. The EDL might just be the last nail in its coffin.

Not wanting to sound ungrateful, I’d like to say terima kasih (Malay for thank you) for the good times.

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