MRT breakdowns: finger now points at sabotage?

For years the MRT functioned without any major problems but now all of a sudden MRT breakdowns are frequent.

So frequent that my niece refused to take the MRT to go for a job interview this week. Uncannily she was proven right when the North-east MRT line suffered a breakdown, spoiling the day for up to 90,000 people.

And this coming on the heels of the last major breakdown in December last year! I’ve gone through the horrible experience once, and I can tell you it’s an experience of nightmarish proportions.

When I discuss this problem of MRT breakdowns with friends, their immediate reaction is “Why so frequent huh? Sabotage?”

So the unthinkable can happen. The finger now points at sabotage. A cable that is meant to outlast the system can snap that easily?

Every action has consequences.

The government threw open the floodgates to foreign workers from countries where corruption is rampant like China, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Burma, Vietnam and imported them in their tens of thousands.

However, their qualifications as technicians and engineers may not be what they claim to be. China crooks can churn out any number of impressive diploma or certificate you want. In India a pilot licence can be purchased even if the requisite number of flying hours has not been met.

For those who wish do to us harm, it’s easy for them to infiltrate many organizations with this uncontrolled influx of foreign workers. Already the land checkpoints and airport security are manned by the Auxiliary Police which have foreigners (Malaysians) as their members. Frankly, I don’t feel comfortable with this.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not into foreigner-bashing. In jobs where locals don’t have the specialized knowledge, real foreign talent is needed.

It can be said we have been let off rather lightly. MRT disruptions is nothing compared with another form of sabotage which I will not mention here in case I be accused of rumour-mongering.

In sensitive areas only locals should be employed. Invest in our local talent instead of trying to recruit foreigners with suspect qualifications and zero loyalty to Singapore.

The foreigners first policy may yet come back to haunt Singapore.

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