Auxiliary Police join fight against terrorism: why not regular police force?

I am surprised to learn that the Auxilliary Police are now being trained to fight terrorism and not the regular police force.

The Auxiliary Police’s responsibilities include manning the checkpoints at Woodlands and Tuas as well as the airports.

At the airport their duty is to check boarding, staff passes and valid entry passes.

There are about 6900 Auxilliary Police Officers (APOs) with Malaysians among them. How many of them are Malaysians?

I’m not comfortable with the idea of having foreigners manning sensitive areas like the checkpoints and airports.

Why is this outsourced to APOs and not the regular police?

Shouldn’t the maintenance of law and order and national security be the task of the regular police?

The government seems to be penny-pinching by outsourcing many important security tasks to APOs.

Last year two former auxiliary police officers, who were based at Changi Airport, turned human traffickers by allowing travellers with false passports and boarding passes to board flights.

The government should review the role and responsibilities of the Auxiliary Police.

National security in particular must not be compromised.



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