Traffic cops go undercover: get priorities right!

In the last five months, undercover traffic police cops have issued more than 900 summonses to errant drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Goodness, pedestrians too?

Traffic Police, rarely seen on our roads and expressways, will now be even rarer that they have gone undercover. Even then with their limited manpower, I hope they will make it a priority to target dangerous drivers instead of minor infringements and pedestrians.

Dangerous drivers advertise themselves with overly loud exhaust, outlandish spoilers and are under the illusion that they are F1 drivers wannabe. Nothing personal but weeding out this dangerous group of people who think they own the roads should be TP’s top priority.

The other category of drivers that should be targeted are the reckless ones who cut across multiple lanes abruptly to exit an expressway. This also includes those who cut across double white lines to join an expressway, putting motorcyclists at great risk.

The third group of drivers are those serial queue jumpers who, faced with a long queue, would drive right up to the front and jump the queue. They not only endanger other vehicles but also cause traffic to slow down.

These are the priorities for TP in my opinion. Not chasing after pedestrians for jaywalking certainly! Or cyclists on footpaths.

I don’t want a Big Brother society.


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  1. Might I add that enforcement officers as a rule go undercover because of a difficult situation that remains unresolved despite their best effort.

    So targeting even passengers and pedestrians is taking things a bit too far.

  2. You already have a big brother society…you have any idea how many CCTVs are all around the island now?!

  3. Either I am cock eyed or you are just trying to be funny. It is stated that more than 900 summons were issued to MOTORISTS! Nowhere does the report state anything about pedestrians being the targets.
    Please get your facts right so you don’t make a fool of yourself.

    • Online MSM this morning clearly stated passengers and pedestrians. 

      It’s also in the printed media.

      I read with disbelief and I had to read that part a few times. 

      What do I gain by fabricating news report? 

      Anyway, it surprises me that you are agitated. You seem to be confused.

  4. My bad. Thousand apologies. The article I read was from CNA (yeah I know what you are going to say 🙂 ), and they mentioned motorists only. Upon checking other sources, I found that you are right.
    I just made a fool of myself. 🙂
    I just thought that you were trying to sensationalise the news.
    Again, ‘I stand corrected’.

    • Don’t worry.

      With such busy lives we lead, it’s easy for us to misread something.


      • eeerm, I didn’t misread it. The article by CNA didn’t mention any action or summons issued to pedestrians.

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