Only S’pore-registered cars to pay new Causeway toll: JB is doomed

Speculation now is that only Singapore-registered cars may have to pay the new Causeway toll which is expected to be five times more while Malaysian cars will be spared. Singaporeans in effect are subsidising Malaysians if the new toll is eventually even higher.

What’s everybody may not be aware is that the Land Transport Authority (LTA), ever ready to squeeze more money from Singapore motorists, has declared that it will match the Malaysian side.

With Singapore drivers restricted to filling up with only the more expensive RON 97 petrol and prices of many things in JB no longer that competitive, traffic congestion at the Checkpoints, JB immigration officers who have the bad habit of forgetting to stamp passports only the die-hards will still see JB as a worthwhile place to visit.

JB regulars I’ve spoken to have done their sums They will stop going to JB for their R and R.

They are also infuriated at the manner in which the toll is rammed down their throats.

If Malaysia wants to kill the goose that lays the golden egg, it must mad.

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