Scholarship benefits revoked for China NUS student: PRC shame, S’pore conned

This “scholar”‘s (Sun Xu) punishment will go some way towards soothing ruffled feathers after his insensitive and insulting remarks that Singapore has more dogs than humans.

His claims that his shoving of some uncles were accidental had me laughing like mad. Allow me to explain why.

While in China I travelled by their MRT, trains and buses and had a ringside view of how PRC people conduct themselves.

On the MRT, PRC people don’t wait for passengers to leave first before shoving their way in and rushing for seats.

At train stations, people jump the queue, push and shove their way in. It is like a rugby scrum really. In fact, at Xi’an Railway Station one old lady shoulder charged me from behind in
a desperate attempt to get ahead.

Pushing, shoving and pushing is as much part of PRC culture as their national habit of spitting. Naturally, there’d be no apologies.

So when this “scholar” showed his anger at uncles who were annoyed by his pushing them, he was not only uncouth but also hypocritical.

By the way PRC people have a great appetite for eating dog meat.


2 Responses to “Scholarship benefits revoked for China NUS student: PRC shame, S’pore conned”

  1. 1) US$3k of fine +
    2) 3 mths of community service +
    3) last semester of scholarship revoked (how much – say another US$2K?) ..

    so a total of $5k+/- monetary punishment which his rich affluent parents can afford, out of a total of $174k per sponsorship paid out to him. That’s merely a slap on his wrist. He got away lightly. Maybe that’s why MOE has to give some ‘good news’ about singaporeans first in primary schools balloting..tsk tsk.

    • Well said. I also feel it’s a slap on the wrist. The ruling party is afraid of offending Big Bro in PRC.

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