NYP student’s racist post: main stream media playing catch-up?

I had a good chuckle yesterday when a main stream media (MSM)broadsheet reported that a polytechnic student from NYP had posted some racist comments online. Now this is a serious matter which can get you the attention of the authorities so you may be puzzled that I found it funny.

You see, the popular socio-political blog, TR Emeritus, carries articles on topical issues, many of which are contentious. One which sparked a storm of protest and anger was the article about how a PRC student at NUS on a scholarship insulted Singaporeans with his FB comment that there were more dogs than humans in Singapore.

While the controversy raged online for days, the MSM remained silent. Only when the matter became serious and NUS was dragged into it that MSM plucked up the courage to report the story.

Another story which TR Emeritus was the first to disclose was about how the Changi Airport Group looked down on local talent by shutting out local architects from taking part in a design competition for T4 . Only foreign firms were eligible.

It appears that the MSM this time did not want to play catch-up again
with its story about the racist comments by the NYP student.

It’s common knowledge that the MSM is a mouthpiece of the ruling party in Singapore. Wikipedia has this to say about them: “The Straits Times has sometimes been criticized as being the mouthpiece of the ruling party, the People’s Action Party and lacks the freedom to criticize the government.”

That is why the MSM are very careful with stories that reflect badly on the ruling party. Many Singaporeans now distrust the MSM. Stacks of MSM newspapers remaining unsold by evening is testament to that.

Even at 60 cents a copy, few are interested.

MSM newspapers on sale at a discount

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