Hougang by- election: arrogance of the PAP government

Frankly, many people I’ve spoken to are disappointed with the High Court’s enigmatic ” judgement reserved”. However, given the political realities in Singapore one can be accused of hiding under a stone all these years if one had expected some sort of unprecedented decision.

It’s clear to all that PM Lee had made a terrible blunder when he said, “…whether and when to hold a by-election in Hougang”. This was not a mere slip of the tongue but reflective of the arrogance of the ruling party. No wonder the social media is bristling with outrage and anger.

It was only after a Hougang resident filed an application in the High Court for a by-election to be held that PM Lee changed tack and announced that he “intends” to call for one.

The blunder reinforces the perception that the PM shows poor leadership. If he had said that the 24,000 voters of Hougang must be represented in Parliament and that a by-election would be held, he would have shown some leadership.

Many issues have incensed Singaporeans eg scholarships to foreign students, the continued influx of foreigners, the perception that there’s double standard in law enforcement and so on, but the PM has remained largely silent. Perhaps, taking their cue from him, the rest of his Cabinet ministers have likewise adopted the motto of silence is golden.

At the Swearing-in Ceremony at the Istana after the watershed General Election, PM Lee said, “I pledge to work together with all Singaporeans to create a just and fair society…”.

He should stop dragging his feet over this by-election matter or else be seen as being a lip service Prime Minister.


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