Hougang by-election: Workers’ Party HUAT AH’


Over a beer with a friend last night in AMK, he suddenly fumed at the absurdity of the PAP campaign in the Hougang by-election. He took me by surprise as he rarely commented on politics.

He said, “This Teo Chee Hean is really silly. Nothing solid to talk about but about the alleged dishonesty of the Hougang candidate. And Straits Times reported him in big letters on its front page.”

Which makes you wonder why the PAP persists in the illusion that the average Singaporean is incapable of analysing issues affecting them. Somehow, they think only those elevated to be politicians are suddenly blessed with this ability called thinking.

The Workers’ Party has brought up issues like the influx of cheap labour, the school system that focuses narrowly on grades, the high cost of utilities, the plight of the elderly, the frequent breakdowns of the MRT, lift upgrading and so on.

In contrast, the PAP resorted to mudslinging by accusing the WP of dishonesty and malfunction. Let’s make a fresh start the PM urged the voters of Hougang. Clearly the PAP is bankrupt of ideas. They don’t know what to say.

In the age of the Internet and FB, PAP has become irrelevant with its last century habits of repression and control.

HUAT AH, for WP.


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  1. this “huat ah” moron(s) has been using different user names and post his nonsense in websites like toc, yahoo (sg), sammyboy, tre, etc.

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