Hougang by-election: Png Eng HUAT Ah!

I leapt with joy when the Returning Officer announced that the Workers’ Party had won the Hougang by-election. I had witnessed the massive turnouts at the WP’s rallies and the groundswell of anti-PAP sentiments.

From day 1, the PAP made blunder after blunder. Its characteristic arrogance reared its ugly head once again with the main stream media playing the supporting cast.

After all these years the PAP still regards Singaporeans as incapable of any intelligent thinking. On the contrary, compared to my generation the present younger generation are street-wise, computer savvy, well-travelled and better educated and are not prepared to be trampled over without a fight.

Beyond making silly and childish accusations of malfunction, as if it’s a paragon of virtue, dishonesty and lack of integrity and laughable assertions of “I’m my own man”, “We are here for you”, the PAP could offer nothing concrete.

It could not offer, for example, “More good years”, “Swiss standard of living” or “Towards a high income society” or the likes. So it resorted to mudslinging which put off discerning and fair-minded people. The world has changed dramatically and the trend is towards greater democratisation and respect for human rights and less repression.

It’s acknowledged the PAP has many intelligent, principled and even God-fearing members. But can they honestly look into their children’s eyes and say, “Papa believes in human rights; we treat people fairly and justly”?

Another soul-searching exercise for the PAP?

One Response to “Hougang by-election: Png Eng HUAT Ah!”

  1. Uncivilized people are guided by laws. For example there are laws to guide and control the thieves to prevent them from stealing. For civilized people, they do not steal even when there are no laws against stealing. They are guided by ethics.
    The majority of the people in Hougang have voted against the unethical practice of the PAP.
    It is good news that most people in Hougang are civilised. They have rejected the economic barbarians.

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