Workers’ Party wins Hougang by-election: the morning after

In the wake of Workers’ Party’s Png Eng Huat by-election victory over the PAP, who still clings on to repressive policies and laws like a comfort blanket, I felt I had to be part of history. History, because twice in slightly more than a year the mighty PAP had to eat humble pie. Perhaps, it’s suffering from some malfunction? Anyway after consulting my GPS I made my way to Block 322 in Hougang, the unofficial coffeeshop HQ of WP.

The coffeeshop was packed to the rafters, and residents were milling outside. Soon the PAP convoy appeared but to jeers, thumbs-downs and boos. From the balconies of the apartments, there were no waves of support.

But when the Workers’ Party’s convoy appeared to thank the voters of Hougang, cheers and applause erupted from those lining the street and those in the coffeeshop, and residents appeared on their balconies to wave their support. Apparently they had been waiting for this moment all morning.

Shit Times Online, the subservient mouthpiece of the ever repressive PAP, had a picture of Desmond Choo shaking hands with an elderly resident whose body language showed how uncomfortable he felt at the unexpected encounter. Well, I had a good laugh at the crude and childish attempt at damage control. Shit Times still continues to think we were born yesterday.

Is Shit Times also suffering from malfunction like its puppet master?

Anyway, with Huat in his name, there was no way Png Eng Huat could have lost.



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