Hougang by-election: PAP Lectures (FREE)

When Desmond Choo, the flopped Hougang by-election candidate, boldly declared that he was his own man and independent, he provoked much derision and guffaws. At best it was bravado, at worst naïveté.

The bugle sounded and the PAP big artillery charged into the fray in the face of massive support for the Workers’ Party.

In characteristic PAP bullying and threatening style, the party levelled accusations of dishonesty and a lack of integrity on the part of the Workers’ Party candidate, Png Eng Huat. This bullying approach surprised no one. In fact, it put many people off.

The government uses our CPF money for investment eg to build HDB flats. It sells us the flats at great profit. Why hasn’t it shared the profit with CPF members or sell the flats at real subsidised rates? Why is it keeping the true cost of HDB flats like a state secret?

When TPL breached the government own rules on Cooling Off Day on the eve of GE 2011, why did the PM not take any action? To the utter consternation of Singaporeans, she was even made a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Home Affairs.

PM Lee declared that only when Malaysia rescinded their ISA would Singapore follow suit. Now that Malaysia has taken that bold step, why is PM Lee still saying No?

It’s extraordinary that the PAP can still lecture to Singaporeans about honesty and integrity.

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