Are PAP Ministers Cocky?

Do you know what’s the difference between a Singapore Minister and a Malaysian one apart from pay which the whole world knows the former beats the latter hands down?

The stark difference is how they each reach out to the ordinary man in the street.

In Singapore our Ministers put on airs, are unapproachable and frequently surrounded with security people so thick that even a cat will have difficulty squirming through. Any attempt to get near a minister will be met with rebuff and rude gestures to get lost as if you pose a grave security threat.

It happened to me on one occasion. Walking past Parliament House one day, I stopped to take some snapshots. A cop rudely shooed me away as though I was a vagabond. Apparently Parliament was in session.

But in Malaysia I could get within two to three metres of a minister, and even take photos of the occasion. The policemen and security won’t even bat an eyelid. Do that here in Singapore and you’d probably be rudely bundled away and questioned.

I have observed how Malaysian ministers and the rakyat (the public) have that kind of easy relationship. There’s none of that Keep Away From Me impression that our ministers here project.

Whenever I walk past Parliament House these days, I look at it with contempt.

In JB, I got within 2 metres to snap this picture of the Msian Minister (in red shirt).

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  1. Simple reason. The local ministars are all kiasu and kiasee type. All those smiley, friendly stuff of them ‘mingling’ with the folks are all carefully orchestrated and even rehearsed photo opportunities for the benefit of the ST cameras and Mediacorp videos.

    Years ago, I came face to face with LHL at the Botanic gardens – we were walking on the same path in opposite directions, so it was a ‘head on’ meeting sort of thing. As we got within eye contact distance, I saw a very quick and abrupt shifting of his eyes from me (I was to his right as we approached each other) to his straight ahead, i.e. he preferred to pass by me without making any eye contact nor an opportunity for me to greet him.

    It got me wondering for a while why was he acting in such a strange manner? Lack of confidence? Not sure of my presence – his body guards were stationed discreetly behind him? That it reflected a person who is uncomfortable with strangers or he would pick and choose with whom to interact with? Why was he looking or perhaps more likely watching me as I approached? Was he worried that I might harm him?

    • Thanks for sharing a personal encounter.

      Former President Devan Nair used to jog at MacRithchie with only one bodyguard. We would nod and he would smile whenever we
      passed each other.

  2. You won’t want stray dogs to come near you, would you?

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