Shocking: Pregnant Chinese tourist attacked at Peace Centre

I read with consternation how a pregnant Chinese tourist was assaulted by a man when she accidentally spilled a drink on him. This is yet another confirmation our society is becoming increasingly thuggish and lawless.

Cab drivers are routinely bashed up, some seriously. Fights at night spots are becoming regular headlines. Fights can even erupt over a scramble for seats on the MRT. Schoolboys make public buses target practices with missiles. Not very long ago a lady walking home in the early evening was killed near a HDB playground. Foreign workers were slashed with knives in a field.

And I haven’t touched on the violence that erupts with alarming frequency on our roads and expressways!

The root of the problem lies in the absence of those who are responsible for maintaining law and order: our policemen. Since they are out of sight, they are out of mind. Thuggish people are therefore emboldened at the slightest excuse to bash another person up.

Swift and stern action against the culprits is lacking. Police do not see assault cases as serious enough to warrant immediate punitive action. Instead if victims want to seek justice, they have to take out a Magistrate’s Order which to most people is an unnecessary red tape.

The Police Pledge, among other things, is “to uphold the law, to protect life and property, to prevent and detect crime”.

Encouraging words. But is it just an aspiration like the National Pledge?


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  1. Question is – Is this chinese tourist beaten up by her own kind? A chinese man?
    When you have a sudden influx of 1m foreigners from all the countries coming in with no integration classes and concept, let alone our rule of law, that is what you expect.

    • True.

      SPF can’t cope with the influx.
      At Geylang it’s a cat and mouse game every night.

    • “Her own kind”. You mean other, or self-styled humans.

      This used to be, not long ago, one of the most civil, courteous places in the southern half of Asia. Now, narcissistic self-centredness and overt racism are encouraged from the “highest” levels of the Singapore social order. It really wouldn’t matter how many SPF were on the beat if they had instructions from On High to look the other way unless the “right” Singaporeans were the victims and Others the aggressors.

      We seem to have forgotten important parts of “equality, justice, democracy, peace and prosperity” in our Leeaders’ unquenchable thirst for the almighty dollar.

      Sarajevo of the Pacific, anyone?

  2. It’s painful to read such bad news/reports. It can happen to any of us when we out of our house. Our island is getting congested. Our people have no breathing space. We’re too close for comfort, that’s why a lot of people cannot tolerate conflicts & fights. Try avoiding crowded places, I guess.

    • I’ve commented on this woeful lack of law enforcement many times, even to the MSM. Still the authorities are not convinced of the gravity of the situation. Late at night I often encounter foreigners. Most are law abiding but you’d never know. Many lives would have been saved if SPF had stepped up police patrols.

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