City Harvest Church scandal: crime waiting to happen?

Unless you have been comatose in recent days, thanks to Euro 2012, you’d have read about the stunning news involving City Harvest Church.

The financial scandal dwarfs even that of the National Kidney Foundation. $50 million allegedly misused, a Sentosa Cove apartment, a Hollywood mansion
were some of the mind-boggling revelations.

A twenty-something friend exclaimed: I didn’t know the pastor (Kong Hee) owns a Sentosa Cove apartment!

As I read about the web of deceit concocted by the five accused and their attempts at a cover-up, two words kept recurring in my mind: TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY.

With millions sloshing in the system, a lack of transparency breeds temptation. Who is to know? And a web of deceit is born.

So it is not surprising that this latest scandal has prompted calls for greater transparency and accountability in entities where not millions but trillions are sloshing about like CPF, Government Investment Corporation and Temasek Holdings. So far the regime has resisted such calls.

Its overconfidence in its system is not shared by many. It might have forgotten how in 2010, a $12 million fraud case hatched by two senior officers rocked the Singapore Land Authority.

As long as greater transparency and accountability is absent, the next financial scandal may be just around the corner. And it might make the City Harvest Church’s scandal look like child’s play.


11 Responses to “City Harvest Church scandal: crime waiting to happen?”


  2. The Gospel according to Kong..Hee! Hee! (aka KONG FEE, aka CON-me ) is about tithes or membership fees, AND YOU ladies must go for botox, silicon injections (lips), liposuction, breast enlargement and YOU men must go for facials, liposuction, body shaping…BECAUSE to worship GOD best, you must all look your best! Money makes money, so the more money you give to CHC the more money you will have from GOD.. Two main commandments (not from MOSES) but from KONGHEEFATTCHOY :
    1. Thou shalt be vain, for vanity brings you beauty and eternal youth in the eyes of MEN and brings you closer to God WHO CREATES THIS EARTH
    2. Thou shalt be greedy, for greed brings you wealth and prosperity so that you can show the rest of mankind that you are blessed by GOD to have the wealth

  3. Pastor Kong Hee, I have fours words for you. YOU MAKE ME SICK. I am sick of all your false preaching. Under all that razzy, dazzy image, you are nothing more than a common thief (thou shall not steal…Pastor Kong, I hope you have not forgotten the ten commandments) You hide behind the bible and its verses to promote your selfish interest. You are an exploitative con man. You prey on people’s naiveness, generosity, goodwill, and most importantly their faith in Jesus. Pastor Kong did Jesus live in a 10 million dollar penthouse, drive expensive cars, wear expensive clothes, force people to give money….I think not. You are a false prophet. You should not be preaching at all….It is like the blind leading the blind. You are not fit to lead a congreation. You call yourself a Christian? Well, I hope you do lots of soul searching and reflection, cos you ain’t no Christian to me. Lastly, If I can kick your ass, I would.

  4. I am using my real name. I am not Singaporean and not living in Singapore, however, I visited CHC before Kong Hee married his present wife, she dances well. I have been an evangelical Christian for 33 years, I am a fan of secular dance music for more than 33 years. Even as a fan, I have problems defending my support for people in the likes Madonna and MJ. Over the years, I have come to the conclusion that Christianity and secular dance music don’t mix. The believe that she can win pop stars and people to Christ through her secular singing career is FLAWED. It is a wrong approach to evangelism. If the church is truly called to minister to those in the showbiz entertainment industry, God will open a way without millions of dollars being spent to make things happen. I have been critical of CHC since I visited it when the church was new. At that time, I believed that as a pastor’s wife to be, Miss Ho’s wardrobe was inappropriate, yet she did not strike me as someone who can become a Madonna or a Whitney Houston. She was neither a pastor’s wife nor a rock star. i felt that she had to choose between the 2.

    I am not sure of the specifics of the case, but if the church is registered as a charity, Pastor Kong should have known better than the divert funds to his wife’s secular career. This is poor management. If the church is a private company, there is surely nothing wrong with him financing the career of his wife.

    • I understand your feelings and agree with your views. The goal of winning converts through singing and dancing seemed to be well-intentioned but along the way it got hijacked by personal ambition, vanity and greed. As in politics, apathy or blind faith in their leaders can lead to a host of problems.

  5. There is a difference between Christian rock music and secular rock music. Christian pop and rock music is a powerful force for evangelism but the idea that one can win secular pop stars and people in the entertainment industry through a secular music career is misguided either knowingly or unknowingly. It is true that this is a personal opinion but I am 47 years old and have enjoyed secular dance (pop) music since i was a teenager and I am Christian. One cannot have one’s feet in two boats at the same time. Sun could have chosen a Christian rock/pop/dance career instead of a secular music career. Christian rock music is as hip and as cool as secular rock music but less glamorous.

    As for the ordinary folks who worship in CHC is concerned, their focus should be on God and not on the problems of the church management. When they give money to the church, they give to God. What the leaders do with the money is between God and these leaders. As far as the ordinary people are concerned, God has eyes to see. They go to church to pray for their own needs and build a relationship between themselves and God, not to become burdened by the problems of the church leadership. Legally, technically, I believe the church leaders are guilty of misappropriating funds of a charity but they don’t think they did anything wrong. I trust that there is a certified accountant amongst them who handles the accounts, now, that person should have known better.

  6. Unlike other faiths, the modern church offers rock music. To keep up with the times and so be able to attract the younger generation? Other faiths don’t have to pander to youthful taste. Personally, I find traditional Christian music more appealing.

  7. The Bible says – There will be many False Teachers during the End of the World and only the Wise Sheep will be able to differentiate the True Shepherd from the Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Time to get wise ppl. Your Messiah is coming and he would be very displeased with your behavior. Best to seek only God in salvation and not put blind faith in mere mortals.

    The Messenger.

    • Agreed.

      False prophets, are they not?

      Sadly, many have materialistic values.

      • I prefer to use False Teacher in the case of KH as he doesn’t prophecies. A Prophet talks about the future and the events that will happen according to Scripture. Whereas here the same old Prosperity yarn is spun again and again but now the spider gets caught in his own web of lies and deceit. A True Teacher will not preach such false teachings as it is all connected to Ego. Instead he will preach about humility and sincere worship of God and not Mammon (False Gods ie Money, Possessions, etc.). In the end these False Teachers and their followers (Sheep) will be misled and end up in you know where (Hint: It’s all in the Bible). Only the True Followers (very few in number) will heed God’s word and bask in the glory that is to come.

        The Messenger

  8. The CHC members seems to be supportive of their leaders using their donations for personal interest. If the sheeps wants to follow the wolves, why bother about them. Just let them be.

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