Commercial sex with underage girls: much ado about nothing really

One Singaporean after another has been charged for having paid sex with underage foreign prostitutes. Most people Ive spoken to are not in the least impressed. The latest “victim” is a lawyer.

I’m at loss as to the real reason behind what’s essentially an offence without any victim. It’s preposterous to describe foreign vice workers as the victims as they come here with the sole purpose of profiting from purveying vice.

For years vice has flourished under the noses of law enforcement officers. It’s now a cat and mouse game with the police on sporadic raids but it’s largely a losing battle.

First PRC vice workers were the pioneering ones. Business boomed and even JB men made a beeline to Geylang. Soon the Vietnamese and Indians followed their PRC sisters.

The authorities themselves are to blame for looking the other way. Suddenly, the authorities woke up from their deep slumber and decided to take belated action.

What are the authorities trying to prove? That laws must be enforced? That underage girls must be shielded from men with immoral intentions?

Above all, the government is doing its job?

Were we born yesterday?

The double standards in law enforcement is a public perception that has given rise to a lot of anxiety. The wealthy and well-connected appear to get off more lightly than ordinary folks.

So you can see why many people are not in the least impressed with the prosecution of those who were tricked by underage sex workers.

Such sirens are now emboldened to ply their trade with greater aggression.

What then?

A sequel?

Much ado about nothing really.


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  1. Personally I think it is just a trade. There is no point persecuting anybody. It is just a demand supply issue that is happening in any part of the world. There is no infringement of human rights here. If any legislation in the world can provide for all the needs and wants of both gender at any age group, then there will no longer be this kind of issues any more.

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