Lip Service: Government looks after ALL Singaporeans,PM LEE

PM LEE, who is widely seen as having a passion for lip service utterances, yesterday declared that the PAP government looks after ALL Singaporeans.

At the Swearing-in ceremony for new MPs after the defining GE 2011 he promised, among other things, a fair and just society.

But we all know that the wealthy and well-connected are treated more kindly than ordinary Singaporeans particularly in court cases. For example, Woffles Wu received only a slap on the wrist for trying to circumvent the course of justice. Even the so-called foreign talent can somehow make the government look the other way, an ability that continues to astonish Singaporeans.

And the government is still hell-bent on prosecuting the DAP for illegal assembly of a mere handful of supporters and members.

And who can forget how the PM tried to prevent the people of Hougang from having an MP to represent them in Parliament?

A fair and just society?

Above all, has he seen how the old folks, some well into their 70s, still have to eke out a living selling tissues, as cleaners and collecting cardboards?

So his latest utterance about the government looking after all Singaporeans should be taken with a pinch of salt.

As they say, “Action speaks louder than words”!

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  1. I remember about seven years ago LSL said, he was raising GST to help the poor. Well either he lied or he forgot. I could be wrong. If I am I hope someone will be able to provide some accounts as to where the last round of the GST proceeds disappeared too. How much did the poor receive. If any. As for the poor they are not better off then they were then, it’s possible that things have gotten worse. LSL should stop patronizing Singaporeans with cheap feel good rhetoric. Instead he should come up with something concrete. But I don’t think he will ever do that. As that requires commitment. And we all know politicians NEVER commit unless they have no choice.

  2. Agree with you guys but I believe he said in all sincerity that GST was to help the poor. Our SWFs had just lost too much and were indeed very poor.
    While they are very good at grubbing wealth for themselves, with their pronouncements for all other Singaporeans, they are beginning to look more and more like leaders with cargo cult mentalities.

  3. the pm said that GST was to help the poor in “all sincerity”? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    soon you’re going tto say tharman was sincere wen he said the average man won’t feel 5+%
    inflation, n that $1,000 mthly income can buy a $100k hdb flat

  4. Email I received from a 75 old retiree:

    Nowadays, everyone wants to see transparency not only in government tenders, election, projects and …………….so

     Transparency Must Be Encouraged              






    Now I know what the NGOs mean when they say they want more transparency!!!!!

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