Sleeping all along: PM Lee now urges new citizens to be part of Singapore community

PM Lee, in whom many Singaporeans have lost confidence in his quiet leadership, has roused himself to urge new citizens to be part of the Singapore community.

Shouldn’t this include PRs and other foreigners who have been residing here for years?

While the regime has been busy with other things on the national agenda, foreigners of all shades have been equally busy building up their enclaves. PRC people have colonized Geylang and Chinatown. The other nationalities in Sengkang and elsewhere.

Birds of the same features,as they say, will always gather together so this is natural. However, when they are in an adopted country they should make an attempt to integrate with the local community, learning its language, culture, customs and social norms.

Generally speaking, foreigners try to fit in except for some stubborn or ignorant ones who continue to give demonstrations of their spitting prowess, jaywalking, littering and rushing into train cabins as if it’s the end of the world.

It seems to me that the resentment against the huge influx of foreigners has suddenly woken up PM Lee to the realization that it’s unhealthy for these people to remain aloof from the local community.

The local communities are very well integrated. For example, the other day at Yishun Polyclinic a Malay lady dropped her documents. Three Chinese gentlemen immediately picked them up for her. She said “xie xie” which is Chinese for “thank you”.

Often a Malay or Indian would share my table at a coffee shop. And we would chat in our lingua franca: Singlish. This is how well integrated the local communities are.

Too little, too late I’d say of the PM’s call.


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  1. the spore govt has always ignored the social impact of devts. it is doubtful it gave even a single thought to the impact of hundreds of thousands of foreigners – brought into the country in an extremely short space of time – on the fabric of this society, especially in a very small country.

    after all, it did not even Consider that the country’s infrastructure would need to be majorly ramped up to accomodate 2 million people. it is JUST realising this.

    what is also being ignored is that this same infrastructure needs to also cater to the growing number of tourists coming to town. at the moment, they make up 20% of the population, or about 1 million people. so while, the govt is now realising it has to cater to 5 million, it actually needs to cater to SIX million.

    that is NOW. at this very moment. 2012.

    with its grim intention of adding even more residents, and having even more tourists, what it is planning for Now, which will be realised in the next Decade, is obviously not enough. so much for its claims of being far-sighted.

    if a worker had been so remiss as to overlook such basics, he would be severely taken to task and sacked. that he is being allowed to continue overlooking them is a tragedy.

    • Well said.

      They have been sleeping and complacent. So many things like you correctly pointed out have gone wrong.

      Yes, PM Lee should step down.

  2. The farmer said that the government did not plan effectively before they put the population on steroids. I thought he was just being sensational, but when I went back home and discussed it with hubby. He said the farmer was spot on. As that could explain why so many things like the trains have gone to the dogs.

    Why didn’t they forward plan. If PM lee came out with this 5 years ago, it would be just right. As it is, it is too little too late.

  3. Farmers work the field, they don’t do policy. Scholars make policy. We must all be aware of our station in life.

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