Too late: silent majority urged to speak up against bigotry

The Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen has spoken up against bigotry, urging the the silent majority to speak up.

I hope he’s denouncing racial and religious bigots and not those who have expressed great unhappiness over political and social issues and dissatisfaction with his government over a variety of flawed polices.

I’m old enough to know that in a multi-racial and multi-religious society like ours, there must be zero tolerance for racial and religious bigotry which can destroy a society like a runaway conflagration. I’ve gone through those dark days of racial conflict once, and I know how destructive it can be.

It’s hilarious for Minister Ng to urge the silent majority to speak up. Why? The repressive ruling party the PAP has never encouraged Singaporeans to speak up, preferring them to be silent over unpopular policies and rules, human rights abuses and repressive laws ( GRC, ISA, influx of foreign workers, gerrymandering, press freedom, use of defamation suits etc).

What used to be the silent majority could now be the vocal majority. And this vocal and loud majority are anything but shy of making unmistakable noises that they don’t think too highly of this repressive government. But bigots they certainly are not.

The second hilarious thing is that out of the five structures on the National Pledge, Minister Ng unveiled only the one with the words “Regardless of race , language or religion”.

It’s odd that he unveiled only one out of five structures . Is it because one structure has the words “To build a democratic society….”?

After more than 40 years, the ruling party still has not built a democratic society in Singapore. This must a record of sorts worthy of an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

Some civil servant must have deliberately spared him the blushes. Imagine the reactions of Singaporeans over Minister Ng unveiling that farcical structure about building a democratic society.

Perhaps, we have to wait another 40 years?


2 Responses to “Too late: silent majority urged to speak up against bigotry”

  1. He wants Sporeans to speak up??? this must be the most funniest things I’ve heard in my life!! ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  2. Because in his heart, he sincerely believes 2 things

    1) the silent majority are the 60% who have always support PAP policies, and will continue so. They are just less vocal than the 40% from Opposition camp.

    2) that suddenly, Singaporeans become such bigots overnight has nothing to do with the government’s flawed policy of allowing influx of million foreigners/PRs, but has everything to do with Singaporeans being intolerant. Is easier to reframe the issue into a Citizens Vs Foreigners, instead of Citizens Vs.PAP Govt. One just have to look at what happens to HK new elect CE and the escalating street protest and distrust grown against him just barely weeks after his sign-in.

    Question is, are Singaporeans smart enough not to take that “xenophobia bait” as the MSM & politicians have tried to pin the blame on us (given the CoC for internet has failed) again. They just want you to stop escalating and raising this pain-points they have inflicted upon everyone of us.

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