Crime in JB: kidnapped Singapore family will return

Rita Zahara is one lucky lady because her family escaped bodily harm or, worse, being sent to meet the Divine after being kidnapped in JB on 1 July.

I had no doubt then that the kidnappers would be arrested. Congratulation to the JB police team.

JB police chief spoke with some vigour after the arrest, describing the kidnappers as moronic. He was emphatic in pointing out that Singaporeans are not targeted by criminal elements as crime occurs whenever there is an opportunity.

Reassuring words.

But over the weekend, a Singapore car in JB suffered a smash and grab!

Singaporeans are seen as tempting ATMs and are targeted not only by criminal elements but also by JB traffic police. The latter are always seen outside the Malaysian Immigration Complex not to help out with traffic congestion but to look for “business”. I witnessed on several occasions Singapore cars being booked for allegedly beating the traffic light.

What’s more astonishing is that Rita Zahara has no qualms about visiting JB after her harrowing experience. The gang can recognise her and her car so don’t tempt fate.

Next time it will be a case of dead man tells no tales, Rita.

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