CRIME in JB: lip service only or cakap saja.

JB police chief has assured Singaporeans that criminals don’t target them as crime is one of giving them the opportunity. That means Malaysians are also victims. This may be true but Singaporeans are still very much wary of JB’s unsavoury reputation.

JB has a reputation for making a big show of tackling crime in an effort to reassure visitors. Not long ago, JB police cops said that they would go on anti-crime rounds on scramblers and that police posts would be set up at places where tourists congregated. Except for a sleepy mobile police post stationed at the old Malaysian Immigration Complex, the cops on scramblers were a mirage.

Two million Singaporeans enter JB every month. And one crime a day is committed against Singaporeans. This is less than 1% of the total crime in JB. Pray, that you don’t fall within the 1%.

I asked a friend staying in JB about his views. He told me practically every house in his estate had been burgled.

JB authorities have been playing the same old broken record of reassurances for years. The golden goose keeps on laying golden eggs for the state so JB authorities have been complacent.

One fine day, this “tidak apa” (can’t be bothered) attitude will see the golden goose refusing to lay any more golden eggs for JB. With the prospect of a five-fold increase in the causeway levies, this dire situation may come sooner rather than later.

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