SMRT fined $2 million: what about LTA lapses?

That SMRT would suffer some form of punitive measure for last December train disruptions was to be expected.

But what about the regulator, the Land Transport Authority of Singapore? The whole sorry saga also exposed lapses in LTA for failing to monitor more closely SMRT maintenance regime.

The public impression of LTA is that it’s so driven by a revenue mindset that it overlooked the lapses in the SMRT’s maintenance regime. LTA rakes in billions in revenue like a waterfall through COE, ERP and a variety of fines and levies.

Even leaving the country via the Causeway incurs an exit tax for motorists. LTA works hard to draw double yellow lines throughout Singapore, even to the doorsteps of residents in private estates, to drive motorists to paid parking. Its ever “hardworking” LTA ENFORCEMENT squads roam the island in search of summons to issue for illegal parking.

If LTA had focused more on its responsibilities as the transport regulator instead of being overly concerned about revenue, perhaps the debacle last December would not have happened.

The intriguing question is for its oversights will LTA itself suffer any punitive measures?

LTA should stop acting like the government chief tax collector and act more like a public transport regulator.

No parking: LTA draws double yellow lines right up to residents’ doorsteps in private estates

Hardworking: LTA ENFORCEMENT earns $$$$ for LTA


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