National Day Parade (NDP): flying the national flag

With barely a fortnight to go before the National Day Parade, Singapore should be awash with the National flags fluttering proudly from the heartland, private estates and vehicles. Sadly, that’s not the case.

In some HDB blocks, I noticed the flags stretching from the top corridor neatly down to the ground level. This is clearly the handiwork of the Town Council. The national flag is glaringly absent in the heartland for such an important national occasion.

In private estates, where the middle class reside, the absence is even more pronounced.

The PAP once bragged that the PAP was Singapore and Singapore was PAP, a boast that has come back to haunt the regime. The logic is simple: if you support Singapore by flying the flag, you’re indirectly supporting the PAP and this is anathema to many Singaporeans. I will never forget this boast.

Unlike in Malaysia, a month or so before Merdeka, many vehicles fly their national flag. So far I’ve seen only ONE such Singapore vehicle on the SLE.

Many have questioned why the regime spend a few millions on what is essentially a propaganda extravanganza for the ruling party and the MIW. The president, who assumed office with only 0.34% winning margin, will take centre stage as usual.

Touted as the quiet president, it is hoped he will be energised after his trip to the London Olympics to speak up for Singaporeans and dispel any lingering suspicion that he’s the PAP president.

Alongside the quiet president taking centre stage will be the new citizens and PRs who will be watching open –mouthed and starry-eyed at the NPD.

And the next day MSM will splash interviews with them, and they will say the expected things like Fantastic, Wonderful and the one that MIW yearn to hear (not only on TV) ” I love Singapore”. Some might cringe at this I know.

And MIW will nod in satisfaction that it had all been worthwhile importing all these foreigners by the plane loads for it’d mean more votes for the regime.

Indifference: private estates like this usually show no enthusiasm for flying the flag

Little support: AMK residents here are not wildly supportive


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  3. Agree with the writer. I do not fly the flag precisely because of this reason. Besides, no longer feel the swelling of pride for S’pore which feels more and more alien than home.

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