Why there are fault lines between new citizens and native Singaporeans

PM Lee, our quiet PM, quiet in contrast to prime ministers like David Cameron the British Prime Minister, has called on new citizens to integrate in their adopted country.

Prompted perhaps by criticism of foreigners who bring with them their social norms and habits and their refusal at integration, PM Lee has a new message to preach.

As a regular cyclist who loves to bike around, I’ve observed that foreigners are reluctant to integrate. Quietly they are entrenched in their enclaves and stick to their own kind.

It takes two to clap I know so I have made some efforts to strike up
a conversation with them whenever circumstances permit. At least they’d tell their friends Hey, this Singaporean had a chat with me at Kopitiam.

Foreigners, it doesn’t matter if they are new citizens or PRs, should try to do as the Romans do. We all know some of the anti-social habits they bring with them to Singapore.

This was brought home dramatically to me yesterday at a coffee shop in Yishun.

I was enjoying my dinner when a parent carried his son to the side of the coffee shop to answer the call of nature, all within a metre where I was seated. From their accent, I judge them to be foreigners.

I’m not into the foreigners-bashing sort of thing but this is an example of what native Singaporeans face on a daily basis.

I know the weather has been terribly hot lately, but we really don’t need them to water the grass.

Ta boleh tahan: kid taking a leak in full view of the public

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