Delusional: PM Lee always glad to see Singaporeans flying our flag with pride

Crazy as it may sound, I’ve taken to flag spotting, like bird watching sort of thing know what I mean?

With the National Day only a couple of days away, Singaporeans’ stubborn refusal to fly the national flag in the heartland, private estates and on
cars has been observed by many people. In fact, I’ve seen at least two letters in the main stream media bemoaning the significant lack of enthusiasm among Singaporeans in flying the national flag.

But PM Lee, whom I see as someone with an alarmingly low energy level, declared on his Facebook that he was ” always glad to see Singaporeans flying our flag with pride…”.

On the contrary, the continued lack of support is a silent form of protest against his repressive regime. This time round the protest seems more pronounced.

Inundated by foreign hordes from mainly third world countries, Singaporeans are becoming an endangered species in their homeland.

I asked some friends if they were putting up the flag.

Their reply: FOR WHAT?

Silent protest?: these motorists are not proud of flying the national flag obviously


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  1. Perhaps they are too tired, having had to face it every morning during school?

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