National Day Singapore: Singapore no longer really home

The regime, through its mouthpiece main stream media, has in recent days been trying to whip up interest in National Day. However, in imitation of the repressive regime, Singaporeans have also mastered the art of being deaf.

This year in particular is markedly bad as far as response to National Day is concerned. Few want to put up the national flag outside their homes or on cars.

I asked a cashier if she had put up the flag. When she said “Yes” I was impressed.

Then she added: “RC put up for me one.” Anti-climax. Made me smile the whole day after that.” RC put up for me one” echoed in my mind the whole day. LOL

The message the regime is trying to put across in the face of widespread resentment against immigrants is that we are all Singaporeans and that this is our home.

If we are all Singaporeans, a Houngang resident fumed, why then the discrimination on upgrading?

With the hordes of immigrants from third world countries putting up stakes here, Singapore has changed irrevocably. The social fabric has been destroyed, thanks to the slumbering regime.

The older generation feel more and more alienated with all these drastic shifts in demographics.They can see that life is no longer the same.

Most countries have to accept immigrants in areas where talent and skill are sorely lacking. Wary of a public backlash, most take the calibrated approach with the welfare of their own native population uppermost in mind.

In contrast, the regime here gives out citizenships and PRs to all and sundry regardless of whether they are real or pseudo talent.

“Give out like toilet paper” was one reaction in the alternative media.

PS: Foreigners are not to blame for it is human nature to seek a better life for yourself and family. The blame lies squarely at the door of the ruling regime for dozing off on their watch.

Meaningless: with a repressive government, not many Singaporeans have heeded this call.

Overflowing: with a surging population, even litter bins can’t cope

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