Hollow victory: big welcome for Singapore paddlers

As expected, the state-controlled main stream media (MSM) under a repressive regime have been trumpeting the table tennis team victory at the London Olympics. A big welcome for the paddlers State Times dutifully proclaimed. A heroes’ welcome bragged another paper.

In the days to come Ministers will scramble to hail the victory as a great contribution and achievement of the foreign talent from China. MSM will gloat endlessly as though they are some kind of gladiators victorious from some kind of bruising battle.

The unpalatable truth for the regime is that the vast majority of Singaporeans don’t give a hoot.

These China girls are Singapore citizens in name only. They are the sports equivalent of mercenaries. It underlines the skewed priorities of the regime willing to spend millions investing in imported sporting talent while neglecting our needy and the elderly poor.

As in common with all repressive regimes, the craving to burnish their image overrides other priorities.

That these imported talent can’t be bothered to be assimilated into our society was amply demonstrated when they gave interviews in Mandarin. Even simple English they couldn’t manage to speak.

The greatest insult was when Feng threw her bouquet of flowers after the awards ceremony INTO THE PRC stands. The quiet President Tony Tan, presumably there to inspire our athletes, and Singapore supporters must have felt a slap in their faces.

Singapore won two bronze medals so what? After all most people don’t even know where this dot of an island is in the world. Some think it’s in China; others say it is in India!

The world press from Jakarta to New York derided the foreign brigade as China-born except our sycophantic MSM which avoids the term like the plague.

Much ado about nothing.

Priority: spend money on the elderly poor who helped build up the nation and not squander on ostentatious ventures

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