Grace Fu lecturing Singaporeans over new immigrants

I read with disbelief that Grace Fu is lecturing Singaporeans on the need to integrate with foreigners, particularly those the regime minted as new citizens in a desperate attempt to hang on to power in the face of widespread public dissatisfaction.

Wasn’t she the one who made the preposterous claim that the social media was destroying the social fabric?

On the contrary, she should be grateful to the social media for highlighting the lack of integration between new immigrants and the natives. Apparently the National Integration Council (NIC) has not done enough since its inception in 2009.

Singaporeans are bristling with anger at the innuendo that they are at fault over this lack of integration. The onus is on the new immigrants to make the effort to integrate.

After years working or studying here, the immigrants’ reluctance to integrate is clear for all to see. The reason could be due to the large numbers of their community. While the regime slumbered, the immigrants have been quietly establishing their enclaves.

With safety in numbers, one PRC scholar at NUS (his studies funded by taxpayers’ money) insulted Singaporeans with the claim that there were more dogs than humans in Singapore.

The other day while shopping at Giant, I asked a sales assistant about a certain product. She literally froze and turned to her colleague and asked for help in Mandarin. PRC people know Singapore is an
English-speaking society yet they don’t make the effort to learn some English.

Ordinary Singaporeans, as opposed to those in ivory towers like some fortunate politicians, have noticed all this for years. Now then the regime wakes up but it’s too late in the day really. With its customary arrogance, the regime dismissed feedback on immigrants’ odd social habits and norms as whining noises.

Once again the regime has been caught with their pants down. Regime leaders and MPs should get down from their high horses once in a while and mix with the hoi polloi.

The experience can be an eye opener.

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3 Responses to “Grace Fu lecturing Singaporeans over new immigrants”

  1. We are expected to accept the immigrants’ penchant for peeing in corners and on trees, their ticking Sporeans off and intimidating them (from encounters and others; complaints, ang mos appear to be rather fond of doing this) and other nonsense, tohelp foreigners integrate. In short, be as compliant and accepting of bad behaviour from foreigners as we have been from the govt.

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  3. You are right about some PRC people ticking off and intimidating the locals. This is a social trait I saw countless times while travelling in China. They will adopt a loud tone of voice and aggressive gestures. Locals must learn to stand up to their nonsense with an equally loud voice and aggressive gestures. They generally don’t purposely pick a fight with you but they like to make a mountain out of a mole hill. I am speaking in general terms because there are polite and cultured PRC of course.There are black sheep in every society.

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