Yawn: Minister Heng Swee Keat heads committee to rethink policies

So Education Minister Heng Swee Kiat has been tasked with the job of re-looking at policies. Honestly I didn’t know he’s the Education Minister.

Given the fact that many Ministers and PAP MPs sneaked into Parliament by the backdoor, thanks to the GRC system, the public by and large do not know who they are. In
a radio programme, a listener was asked to name the Education Minister. He couldn’t.

PM Lee is cementing his reputation as one with a predilection for lip service.

After the watershed GE 2011, he said: “.. we will take a totally fresh look at our problems and policies, and rethink what is necessary and best for Singapore’s future. We will address the issues preoccupying Singaporeans, such as healthcare, housing, and immigration. We will review both the policies and their implementation, as well as our broader approach to tackling these issues.”

Some might say we still have the President. However, the President is following the footsteps of his predecessor in his firm belief in the adage silence is golden.

At his swearing-in ceremony after scraping through by a whisker to earn the right to reside at the Istana, he said: ” I am deeply aware of the challenges faced by Singaporeans who struggle to make ends meet, or feel that they are being left behind. As President, I will work with the Government, community groups, and the entire nation to make Singapore a more caring and gracious society.”

Hmm. Deja vu.

We might see another book “An Unexpected Journey Too”.

A quiet PM and an even quieter President. Fantastic!

Little wonder then PM Lee’s announcement of a policy review has been met largely with derision, scepticism and cynicism


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  2. I fear you are right and we will not see any changes in the end. We didn’t after the last review, the Economic Strategies one. In fact its suggestions, which included cutting down on the foreign intake, were brushed very quickly under the carpet. Why should this review be any different.

    Disappointingly, we keep being told that the govt doesn’t know what we want and that we are not offering solutions. Yet, these are all over the internet, and even in the MSM. A case of none so blind as those who will not see? How many times and ways can people’s disagreement be expressed?!

    I’m surprised you and the radio listener did not know he is Education minister. There was quite a lot of outrage that the man suggested that kids who behave like decent human beings should be rewarded with money for their kind deeds!

    It becomes difficult to trust a person with that kind of thinking (or should it be lack of thinking?) to lead a team into breaking away from the norm (which is the worship of money), and into coming up with decent solutions to the many problematic policies we have and a sensible direction for the country.

    Wonder how much this review will cost us.

    • Embarrassing to admit I didn’t know he was the Education Minister. Things have reached the stage where many can’t be bothered any more. Possibly just fed up of the GRC system.

      As long as regime core value is repression, nothing significant will change except for cosmetic changes. For example, Myanmar has lifted all restrictions on media freedom.

      Will we see that?

      Roger Poh

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