Just a gimmick: Singapore National Conversation

Say what you will of the PAP regime, they are good at coming up with slogans and red-herring to divert our attention away from the real issues.

With 81 of its MPs holding MPSs throughout Singapore the regime is still clueless about the issues troubling Singaporeans? It can’t be.

This shows that the regime has not been serious and sincere over Singaporeans’ concerns but merely going through the motions.

What is Parliament for if it is not to air and debate issues affecting citizens anyway? Why pay part-time MPs a huge $15000 allowance monthly if they are not reflecting accurately our concerns?

And with 17 Cabinet ministers, the government is still clueless? Without doubt, the government is out of touch with the concerns on the ground.

At his swearing-in ceremony almost 15 months ago, PM Lee said: “…we will take a totally fresh look at our problems and policies, and rethink what is necessary and best for Singapore’s future. We will address the issue preoccupying Singaporeans, such as healthcare, housing, and immigration. We will review both the policies and their implementation, as well as our broader approach to tackling these issues. We must move quickly to address pockets of urgent need, even as we think through the more difficult long-term challenges. Though Singaporeans trust that our policies are mostly sound, nothing should be sacrosanct.”

Clearly he has not moved quickly enough. In fact, the impression many people get is that he has been dragging his feet. Again, the need for feedback from Singaporeans is further evidence that it was merely lip service.

Is it any surprise then that this so-called National Conversation has been greeted with derision? Some term it as a buying time tactic.

One of the values of the regime is that they decide what is right, never mind what the people think. This emanates from their core value of repression. Repressive laws must be dismantled if it is to regain the trust of the people.

Just another gimmick.

Singaporeans are concerned over the direction the country is heading.

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