Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL): great news for Singapore motorists

Regular road users of the Causeway to JB must have cheered the recent news by Premier Najib of Malaysia that it was taking over the Eastern Dispersal Link (EDL) and that it would be toll-free.

From the outset, there were plans to charge all road users entering JB via the Causeway a toll up to 5 times more whether they use the EDL as a speedier route to the North–South Highway or not.

This kicked up a ruckus. It was so patently unfair. It could also put a dent on the thriving cross border tourism in JB.

Why should motorists who are just going to JB be forced to pay the additional toll if they are not using the EDL? It was all a bit high-handed.

After all, Singapore motorists are already paying a toll to enter JB. I have no quarrel with this toll as we are making use of their road infrastructure. You make use of a service or facility, you pay. That’s only reasonable.

Unlike the exit toll Singapore-registered cars have to pay. To this day, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has yet to give a convincing reason for this toll beyond saying that Well, Malaysia imposes a toll so we have to match them.

However, everyone knows LTA has this exasperating habit of attempting to squeeze every cent from motorists.

Another development that will gladden motorists here is the removal of the white immigration cards to enter JB. Goodness, what a hassle the white card caused motorists all these years. It was a dinosaur!

Small traders, supermarkets, small businesses and even car wash bosses must have breathed a great sigh of relief.

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