JB Immigration and Customs Complex: JB Traffic cops still “working hard”

Cycling home last night ( yes, cycling, not driving) in a steady drizzle towards JB ICQ I wondered whether the JB Traffic cops would still be fishing for “business” outside the complex. I’ve witnessed many instances of Singapore motorists being booked at this spot for allegedly beating the red light.

Well, even in the drizzle they were there. Four of them in fact. Traffic was light. A motorcyclist had been stopped.

One would think this is an accident-prone spot or something since these cops work even on a Sunday night. Whereas in the town centre you’d not see a single cop, here you see four of them bunched together.

A friend who was once booked was told: There are two of us who saw you beat the red light.

“Business” must be booming at this spot.

Well, I was riding a bicycle this time so no fear. Haha.

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