Cycling in Singapore: bicycle lanes urgently needed NOW

Those who hanker after their own four wheels will be dismayed by the latest news that there will be fewer COEs for passenger cars next year.

With cars costing a king’s ransom it’s no longer within the reach of the masses. In contrast in Malaysia even the nasi lemak hawker can buy a used car for 5 thousand dollars.

Before you tear out your hair in despair and thereby render yourself “botak” (bald), I suggest an alternative: get a bicycle.

A bicycle can serve not only your commuting needs but is also an excellent form of exercise.

But isn’t it dangerous you may ask?It can be dangerous to be frank.

With the authorities clearly pushing us into public transport, they should do more to make cycling safer.

There should be bicycle lanes on roads. Existing roads can be widened to achieve this objective. Over time a a culture of cycling to work will develop.

The authorities have been dilly-dallying over this issue of bike lanes for far too long.

Bicycle lane in Penang


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  1. Hello.This is not related to the topic but I want to say that I have enjoyed reading many of your posts in your blog recently.I wish Mr Roger Poh to keep this blog alive in the coming years,and may God / the Lord Almighty bless you and all those who support this blog!Amen. 🙂

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