Cycling in Malaysia on a foldable bike

Have you ever tried riding a foldable bike for about 80 km? Foldable bikes are ideal for urban commuting but for cross city rides? Well, I put it to the test recently.

My idea was to take my bike to Taiping and from there ride to Penang and do a Tour de Penang.

The idea for a Tour de Penang came from a newspaper article I read about Penang residents riding round the island on all manner of bicycles. It was a headline-grabbing event.

I’d been training regularly with 40 to 50 km rides. This would be my longest one day ride.

Riding at an average of 15 kph I estimated it would take me about 7 hours with rest stops to complete the 75 km ride to Penang from Taiping.

Well, despite my friends’ warning about reckless Malaysian drivers, I arrived in Penang in one piece.

The starting point from Taiping.

Finally made it in about 7 hours: my bike on the Penang ferry

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