Drunk driver killed cyclist: only fined?

Killed a cyclist and got only a fine of $12,500? I read the verdict in utter disbelief. A human being lost his life; his family deprived of a loved one and all the killer got was just a fine?

Downright ridiculous!

What message is the court sending to motorists? That it’s all right to knock down and kill a cyclist if you are drunk?

No wonder the slaughter against cyclists never ends. Not only against cyclists but also pedestrians.

As long as a driver is proven to be in
the wrong, he should be jailed.

It’s just another form of murder actually.

Our courts seem to have an odd sense of meting out justice. Theft is considered more serious than taking away a life. A man was jailed for stealing two dollars for instance.

A strong signal should be sent to motorists that if you knock down a cyclist/pedestrian, it’s an automatic jail sentence. No ifs, no buts.

There’s no justice for the victim’s family. Relief for the accused family certainly.

Zero tolerance is the only way to curb this deadly menace. Isn’t the court concerned about this?


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  1. If u want to kill someone and not wanting to be locked up in jail or face any harsh charges, try this,
    Stay in the casino for more then 15 hrs.
    Or go drink but still sober enough to carry out yr plan, at best, make sure yr mouth smelt alcoholic, then drive and run over yr enemy to make it sound like an accident. You will be ‘fine’

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