eBay: a frustrating and unpleasant experience

Everyone has probably heard of eBay.

I was curious so I signed up, surfed their website and bought a few stuff for my bike and a car camcorder.

Electronic stuff caused me a lot of problems. Most of them originated from China.

The instruction manuals were in incomprehensible Chingrish. Any attempt to figure out the meaning is frustrating and a waste of time.

It’s clear they simply used a translation software.

Bicycle lights came without mounting brackets. The seller advised me to look up the internet for such brackets. This is like selling a shirt without buttons a friend said.

Checking online, I saw that many people faced similar experience. Many were asking how to change the date on their cameras. Why can’t the seller change the date before shipping the items?

Some received dud goods that couldn’t work. My helmet camera couldn’t work.

It’s not known why eBay allows unethical selling practices.It is time consuming trying to put things right apart from wasting money.

Those who shrug their shoulders and can’t be bothered to complain only encourage unscrupulous traders to perpetuate their unethical trade practices.

eBay’s traders should also be subject to lemon laws like their bricks and mortar counterparts.

It’s time eBay displayed corporate responsibility by protecting their customers.

I quit eBay.

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