Bike Commuting in Singapore


Despite clamour by cyclists for greater protection from slaughter by reckless and drunk motorists, the government  is resisting the idea of a bike lane.

Singapore is a small and compact place and the issue of the heat aside, it is ideally suited for commuting by bike.

With suffocating public transport by MRT or bus, the idea of commuting by bike makes great sense. Not only do you get some exercise, but also save money on petrol, ERP or fares.

Distances in Singapore are not that far. For example, from AMK Ave 5-Yio Chu Kang Road junction, the distance to Doby Ghaut is about 12 km. About 45 mins of cycling for me. To the esplanade it takes about an hour. To Golden Mile Complex, about 40 minutes. These times were achieved cycling ON the road and not on the pedestrian path.

Many people find it unsafe to cycle on the road so they have no choice but to cycle on the pedestrian path.

Most paths are in good condition except some areas with broken concrete slabs .The authorities should repair damaged paths. Good for pedestrians as well.

I think with proper bike lanes more will commute to work by bike.

Picture: a bike lane in Penang




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