Sticker Lady: what’s happened to her?

Where in the world is Sticker Lady?

Hope she’s not languishing in jail.

The last the public heard was that she was arrested by the police for plastering her stickers in public places. Didnt she realize Singapore is a squeaky clean place and the law is the law and no one is above the law (except the ruling regime and their cronies?)

By and large the public thought her stickers were rather unique and have the cute factor like you know the talent show The X-Factor, something really special.

Take for instance, her stickers on the GREEN MAN on traffic lights: NO NEED TO PRESS SO MANY TIMES

The value of her public campaign was brought home to me the other day when I spotted a teen pressing the Green Man button repeatedly as if it would somehow be summoned to appear at his whim.

NO NEED TO PRESS SO MANY TIMES I nearly admonished him.

I don’t know why SPF overreacted as if they had nothing better to do. Many other stickers deface lampposts and public buildings too.?Has SPF taken any action?

Actually Sticker Lady was doing LTA a service.

C’mon, as it is Singapore is already a repressive country. A little bit of humour won’t hurt anyone except those lounging in ivory towers.

I hope Sticker Lady wasn’t thrown into a dungeon or something. *Showing genuine remorse before a judge can work wonders.

With such high-handed action by the authorities like this how can we build a culturally vibrant and creative society?

Much ado about nothing really.

Don’t be disheartened, Samantha, street artist par excellence.

*Straits Times executive, Peter Khoo, was recently spared a jail sentence despite swindling the newspaper company of more than $100,000. The learned judge was impressed by his remorse and his cooperation with the authorities.

The dour authorities are not amused by this.

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