Sticker Lady: what’s happened to her Part 2

When Sticker Lady went around exhibiting her unique stickers in public places, the authorities got all worked up.

The mainstream media lost no time in declaring her “arrested”, “nabbed” as if she was on the 10 most wanted criminal list.

Foreign media gleefully picked up the story, no doubt amused by the farce. But in the eye of the police it was a serious matter.

The police dutifully issued a warning: offenders would be severely dealt with. Resources and manpower were harnessed to trace the culprit, and eventually the operation bore fruit in the arrest of Sticker Lady.

Makes you wonder if the police here don’t have better things to do. Like chasing after robbers for example?
Not so long ago, a Minister of State bragged about his Cops on Bike to patrol the housing estates. Though I cycle into nooks and corners, Ive yet to say Hello or Apa Khabar to such cops. What happened after all that fanfare?

This reminds me of JB cops on scramblers project to assure Singaporeans who tend to be careless as they go about chirping Cheep, cheep in JB malls. To this day I have yet to see a single cop on scrambler in JB.

Many have remarked on the absence of SPF on street patrols. They should heed the adage Out of sight, out of mind. SPF is fast losing respect let me be honest.

Defiance: for some strange reason SPF doesn’t see this ragged sticker as an offence. Such stickers have mushroomed everywhere.

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