Punggol East By Election: 10 reasons to vote Opposition

These are the 10 top reasons why Punggol East should vote for the opposition.

1. Rising cost of living. Prices of HDB and housing of all types continue their upward trajectory.

2. Ever rising COE makes even the average family car cost more than $100000.

3. Transport woes. Overcrowding and MRT breakdowns continue to bedevil public transport. Fare increase imminent.

4. Population continues to increase, leading to greater squeeze and social conflict.

5. A leaderless government. Many have noted PM Lee’s silence when controversies erupted like the Town Councils and AIM (a PAP $2 dollar company) issue. Emerged more than a week later but only to issue a lawyer letter to blogger Alex Au over AIMgate. PM Lee has since ordered an inquiry into AIMgate.

6. A money- grabbing government. In other countries there are land grabs .But here we have money grab as the government agencies think of all sorts of excuses to squeeze more and more money from citizens. The latest is the increase in property tax. They don’t see any need to cut any taxes but only see a pressing need to increase taxes.

7. The elderly poor continue to live from hand to mouth working as cleaners, selling tissues, busking, collecting cardboards to survive. These are your pa and ma who helped lay the foundation of early Singapore but now ignored by the PAP.

8. PAP broken promises. PM Lee at his swearing-in ceremony promised to listen to the people, to allow greater expressions of political opinions but he and his cabinet ministers were swift to issue lawyer letters from a certain default law firm to silence dissent.

9. Surely something is rotten with this government. Sex and corruption scandals at NUS, CNB and SCDF. Two and half years ago a deputy director and his subordinate at the Land Authority of Singapore were convicted on corruption charges. The amount involved was more than $12 million. Only recently, an SPH executive Peter Khoo was convicted on corruption charges involving more than $100000 but was spared a jail sentence because the judge was impressed with his genuine remorse and cooperation with the authorities.

10. The Constitutional guarantees of freedom of assembly and speech continue to be scorned by the PAP regime.

Greed: Govt agencies are swift to collect fees, fines and taxes.
Shame on PAP: a common sight of the elderly struggling to make ends meet.

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