Punggol By Election: money grabs by the ruling regime

Authoritarian countries like China have land grabs but in Singapore there are money grabs. The regime had already grabbed land in the earlier years and paid peanuts to farmers and property owners.

The regime has honed to a fine art the contemptible practice of imposing all sorts of fees, levies and taxes. All it needs is a simple excuse.

A few examples will demonstrate this greedy trait of the PAP regime.

When ERP (a congestion charge) was first introduced on the CTE there was no evening ERP. However all good things must come to an end.

In the eyes of The Land Transport Authority (LTA), every vehicle represents a moving ATM: millions of dollars that should be siphoned into LTA’s bank account.

So it introduced evening ERP. Reason? It said, and I still remember this clearly, there were some complaints from commuters heading towards Changi Airport

The latest example of a money grab is the increase in property tax. Reason? Rental values have gone up!

Sounds as if every family, including private property owners, is renting out their properties, and wallowing in huge rental income.

Another blatant money grab by the regime.

I recall the claim made by a former Speaker of Parliament that the government was very rich. Not surprising isn’t it?

PAP (People’s Action Party, the ruling regime) = Pay and Pay. How true!

Reality check: A defeat in the by election will hardly make a dent in the PAP given its dominance in Parliament.

But it will make PAP sit up and take notice of public opinion which it has with customary arrogance brushed aside in its 50 years of authoritarian rule.

People of PE, vote for the opposition.

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