KrisFlyer’s indifferent attitude: shape up please

I can’t recall if KrisFlyer did remind me about the expiry of my membership.

Anyway after I had booked an SIA flight, KrisFlyer cheekily announced that had I been a member I’d have earned so many thousands of air miles. Ya, smart. I was a member but you couldn’t be bothered to remind me.

So I signed up again and was given a pin number.

However, when I tried to sign in my effort proved futile. I searched its website for a number to call or an email address but found none.

What kind of service is this? You want us to be members but prefer to lie low?

No wonder there have been complaints SIA’s standards are slipping.

I felt short changed.

Maybe SIA thinks its service is so out of this world that its mantra is “take it or leave it” #%!

Having flown on Emirates and CPA whose service is just as good as SIA’s, if not better, it has to relook at some of its practices.

Start with KrisFlyer.

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