PAP on side of Singaporeans: another of PM Lee’s lip service!

On the front page of ST aka Shitty Times, the regime mouthpiece, yesterday the less than energetic PM declared that his party the PAP was on the side of Singaporeans.

The fact that he saw the need to stress an obvious thing confirms once again the widespread belief that the regime is pro foreigners.

PAP is overwhelmingly pro foreigners: in awarding handsome bursaries and places in tertiary institutions, in enforcing the law, liberal awards of citizenships and liberal immigration policies.

With 40% foreigners yet the regime still talks about 6, 7 million population.

So the perception that the PM is talking nonsense is clear to all. He’s so out of touch that it’s scary.

We all know the PAP agenda in importing “foreign talent”: to shore up support for the regime and hang onto to power which it perceives to be slipping.

During his swearing-in ceremony, PM Lee made a number of stirring declaration: ” Our politics cannot remain static either. More interest groups and alternative views have emerged, competing for support. Our political system can and must accommodate more views, more debate and more participation”.


When AIMgate erupted, PM Lee kept silent for almost two weeks but when he finally emerged it was to issue a lawyer letter to blogger Alex Au over the controversy.

However, he has bowed to public pressure and ordered an inquiry into AIMgate.

So when PM Lee declared that the PAP was on the side of Singaporeans, take it with a pinch of salt.

Singaporeans are no longer easily fooled by lip service declarations.

PAP shame: once they helped build Singapore in its early years, but the elderly have been ignored by the regime. Inclusive society clearly doesn’t include the elderly poor.


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