Punggol East By-Election: time for PM Lee to step down?

To lose one by-election is a disappointment but to lose another eight months later is surely a disaster.

In any other truly free democratic country, the Prime Minister would have no choice but to step down or be forced to. But in authoritarian Singapore ruled by FamiLee, the PM is spared the blushes.

The solidarity of his Cabinet ministers, his MPs current and past, is remarkable. Everyone behaves and reacts with equanimity in the face of the electoral defeat in Punggol East yesterday.

However, there have been increasing calls for the ineffectual Prime Minister to step down. If he were the CEO of a company, he’d have been shown the door long ago.

Being the world’s highest paid PM governing a mere 700 sq km, the public expect him to do more to improve lives and make Singapore one of the best places to live. The financial resources are available but his tight-fisted government is miserly on social spending on healthcare, the elderly and to reduce the escalating cost of living.

However, many have noted the generosity with which they compensate themselves with the world’s highest salaries by legally raiding the national coffers.

Many have also noted a PM who believes in the adage “Silence is golden”. The result is that many feel he’s out of touch. He’s been PM since 2004.

If he feels he’s not on top of things, he should graciously step down.


2 Responses to “Punggol East By-Election: time for PM Lee to step down?”

  1. like father,like son, he will try to stay till death

  2. That’s very true. When his old man goes up the lorry, as they say, LHL will be on shaky ground.

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