PAP stands beside Singaporeans: another of PM Lee’s lip service Part 2

One of the things that strikes my friends from overseas is the huge numbers of our elderly still toiling away in menial and physically demanding jobs like cleaners.

A China relative once remarked, “I don’t understand. Singapore is so rich yet why do your elderly still need to work? Some of them are well into their 70s I’ve been told.”

I asked, “Dont you have elderly working too?”

She replied,”Yes, we do but their numbers are very small. In Singapore I see your elderly toiling away on the roads, food centres and even toilets. Ours work in less demanding jobs like selling maps to tourists. Why isn’t your government, so rich , doing anything to help your old folks? What a shame!”

I said, “Our government thinks it is a bad idea to help them too much. Welfarism spoils them. They must be able to stand on their own two feet.This is the underlying principle of the Singapore government.”

“In China, the government respects the past contributions of our old folks many of whom get a substantial pension so that they can enjoy life in their twilight years. Yours are pitiful.

In China, cleaners are all young people. In Singapore mostly old people.”

I explained, “People have called on the government for greater social spending but it ignored such calls.”

She said, “Your government is heartless.”

I said, ” I agree. That’s why many hate this government.”

She said, ” In China we “lao bai xing” (the ordinary people) won’t allow this sort of nonsense.”

“The Singapore government thinks only of themselves like ministers must be paid the highest salaries in the world. Think of the plight of the elderly? Definitely no. Ungrateful, heartless and self-serving describe them very well.”

So when MP-elect for Punggol East, Lee Li Lian, vowed to focus on the concerns of the elderly, I cheered.

But when PM Lee declared that PAP stood beside Singaporeans, I laughed.

A common sight: many senior citizens like this 76-year-old cleaner forgotten by their government.


2 Responses to “PAP stands beside Singaporeans: another of PM Lee’s lip service Part 2”

  1. Singapore is definitely not a place to grow old! When you reach 40 and if you get jobless, employers will say you’re old (I suspect employers are using this as an excuse to get cheap labor), and there are no universal affordable healthcare that all of us here are worried like shit. For this reason, I don’t blame those PRs for refusing to change to red ICs. It’s better for them to grow old at their own countries than to rot in Singapore.

    • Totally agree with you. You might have thousands in your Medisave but can’t use it at the Polyclinics. Absurd.

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